tirsdag, november 08, 2005

Cingular-branded Sony Ericsson W600i


Are you fucking kidding me?! Whoever made this must have been a colorblind intern who just got sacked or something. This has got to be the single most nauseating combination of colors since Andy Warhol..

mandag, november 07, 2005


Just got introduced to Wing - fantastic!
Maxim interview:

Any rap songs?Just talking—that kind of song? I haven’t come across it yet.
I don’t know whether I can sing it well. But I would very much to try if I got a

Gonna try and get hold of more than the few samples!

søndag, november 06, 2005

Full Throttle

What a great game - just redicovered it through a "movie" called Lucas Arts' Full Throttle The Movie, and Anders reminded me of the excellent band called The Gone Jackals that gave the great soundtrack.