tirsdag, april 25, 2006

Home, ill

I got a cold at the end of last week and it hit me hard this weekend. Initially you think that it's not that bad, you get time to play computer, watch tv/movies etc.. how wrong was I! Just about the only form of entertainment occupying me the passed 4-5 days have been counting the tiles in my bedroom celing (which is 21). Thankfully I got a lot of sympathy from friends and all my extra-moms, and Tone even came by with Tom & Jerry-biscuits, coke and cartoons :-D

Fever is gone so I'll have a go at work tomorrow and see how it goes.

Local Celebrity Part III

Had almost forgot about this, but as promised here and here, here is finally my interview in electronic form! Actually it was my boss who found the electronic version today, but he's a good sport and actually posted it on our local news portal at work ;-)

mandag, april 17, 2006

Traded a paper clip for a house

http://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/2006/04/17/463724.html (norwegian, you can google his name and find an english article, I'm too lazy)
Heard about this guy a while back, good to hear he (sort of) made it!

lørdag, april 01, 2006

Karl the distinguished

We might be seeing Karl's little mank head on video from now on, check out the teaser on iTunes!
Wanna hear Karl laugh? This is pretty exclusive and it might ruin your experience of him - you have been warned!