mandag, februar 27, 2006

'Synthesizer Medley' from the 1985 Grammy awards and other gems

"Synthesizer Medley" was done by Thomas Dolby, Herbie Hancock, Howard Jones, and Stevie Wonder in Los Angeles(1985). It doesn’t get any better than this! Story here.

More weird tidbits here.

Thanks to MusicThing.

fredag, februar 24, 2006

Discovered genetic defect creates devolution into ape-like people

An editor of a noted scientific journal says he has discovered a genetic defect that seems to set back the clock on human evolution by more than a million years.

Looks like bullshit to me, I guess you find all sorts of weird instances of genetic defects that might fit some crazy theory.

Update 2: Norwegian newspaper VG has picked up on the story.

Story here, clip here. Update: Erik wrote this great piece of how this story would be translated and retold by our favorite global village-idiot Karl:

There's this fella right, goes to Turkey or something on a holiday. I don't remember exactly. He travels, like, all through the desert and through all this barren land. In the evening, right, he comes to this village where he takes in at a hotel or somethin'.

He goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning and out of his window he sees this great looking farm, right in the middle of the desert. He's thinkin' what great farmes these people must be. Being a famer himself he is astonished by this great lookin' farm. He goes down to the receptionist and says: "Who runs that farm? It's great!"

He answers: "Nah, you don't wanna bother with those people, right. We don't ask questions and they give the village food and stuff."" But they gotta be great farmers, I got to hav' a look, and maybe hav' a chat with these people."But the guy in the hotel says: "No, no! Please just leave. We don't want any hassle, y'hear!"

This guy says says "Right, I have to be on me way anyway." and thinks like "I'll just pop in a bit on me way out of the villige." He goes up to the farm, right. He comes into the yard he is absolutlely blown away about this farm. It's the greatest farm he has ever seen. Much more clever than in any of the farms he had seen at home.

He wanders around a bit. Into the back. He sees this little fella chuckin' hay around, right? He goes up to him to talk with him. There he sees a large group of small fellas. All covered in hair. MONKEYS!

That's where that sayin' comes from, right. "Monkey makes the world go around."

torsdag, februar 23, 2006

Testing BlogJet

Testing out BlogJet, seems alright for posting with a bit more powerful client than the web interface, I hate web interfaces..

onsdag, februar 22, 2006

Local Celebrity part I

On monday I got a phonecall in the middle of the day, it was a journalist who wantet to know if I was "Idol-Eivind" and if he could do an interview of me... Went there today, nervous as shit, but it turned out to be a nice experience. The guy was nice, the questions were not that intimidating and we had a nice chat. The only thing that put me a bit off was that the photostudio was in the basement - The Vault! A bit of background info: The newspaper has its offices in an old bank, the basement used to be the vault holding gold, diamonds and whatever banks hold. I guess it's mostly paper nowadays.. Last time I was there we were at a farewell-party for a friend and me and Siri got lost in all the corridors and ended up in the vault and in a small hole under the stairs in the basement. We had a bottle of wine so it was ok.

When we were finished I of course remembered a million things I wanted to say, but I don't think the piece will be that long anyway.

It turned out some ppl from work had found out where I was going and had sent an email to the journalist with lots of stories about me, the kind of you don't want your mom to know :-S I hope they won't use them..

It will probably be printed Saturday 4. of March, if I approve of it I might scan it and put it up here.

Liv; you are gonna pay for this! :-D

My Bike's Amazing Adventures

Realized today that my bike was missing, I usually park it outside my apartement unlocked and today it was not there. 'Damn' I though, I have no idea if I have any insurance that would cover it, I don't know the serial number and it was not locked. Went passed the shop a bit later on my way back to work, there it was! I had probably forgot it there a week ago :-S It was not locked or anything so I guess I live in a nice neighborhood.

tirsdag, februar 21, 2006

More Karl

Found another clip of Karl Pilkington, this time at work. Just look at that head...
Think I posted it before but I am too lazy to have a look: "Meet Karl Pilkington" is a really nice introduction to what the phenomena, the cult, of Karl is all about.

Was watching through season 1 and 2 of The Office earlier on, found this clip of a great moment - Gareth sings allmost like me!!

mandag, februar 20, 2006


What happened to boybands? I don't think I have seen a new boyband song in years, I don't think you count Justin Timberlake as boyband longer since he somehow got Snoop onboard.. But I have that old "too good to be true"-feeling, so I'll hold my celebrations.

Got a really weird phonecall today, more on that maybe later this week.

torsdag, februar 16, 2006


My good friend Sveinar, known to dig up the weirdest bits of music and other oddities, showed me a fun site. BellyBongo is aparently a swede who has been collecting weird pieces of music for many years, and he has an archive where you can see and listen to a great deal of it. I honestly don't know what to say, if you like this kind of stuff you are in for a treat! I haven't gotten over it all yet, but I recomend DEB HYER - ONE MAN BAND, TINO CONTRERAS Y SU GRUPO - JAZZ TROPICAL, THE BILL BEAU TRIO - LIVE AT THE BLUE PORT LOUNGE, GARY SCHNEIDER - JUST FOR FUN JUST FOR FRIENDS... Party at his place tomorrow, always a blast!

Another cool spot is the blog PCL Linkdump.

torsdag, februar 09, 2006

Pleo the dinobot

How cool is this! It's an automaton with 38 sensors, 14 servos and running a specifically designed operatingsystem that can run several personalities. Estimated avalilability Q3, price $200. Video here. We wants us one of these :D

Update: Here's a more detailed link.

tirsdag, februar 07, 2006

Winter Olympics time!! I have ordered a shitload of DVD's!
I have never had the faintest interest for winter- or summer olympics, and it would not even cross my mind if it was not for how the events take TV as hostage for a few weeks. How long does it last, maybe I should order more films just in case?? Another thing about it that annoys me, is how it's "ok" to spend much time at work to keep updated, not to mention all the additional talks around the watercooler.

Thankfully I have (mostly) carefully selected my friends of people that aren't sporting-geeks. Ok, maybe half of them..

Ordered Guinness Book of Records today, really looking forward to getting it.

onsdag, februar 01, 2006

Chess keyboard

Love to play chess on your keyboard? Well, while the OWL-KB108WB from Owltech
looks like you might be able to get your pawn on, looks can be deceiving. There
are 2 versions, black and white,
and are compatible
with Macs and PCs and
includes a USB adapter. No product information on the
site yet but surely coming
soon. Price is about $23.

I would be quite surprised if there was only one version, what would they do with the left-over white keys..?