mandag, februar 20, 2006


What happened to boybands? I don't think I have seen a new boyband song in years, I don't think you count Justin Timberlake as boyband longer since he somehow got Snoop onboard.. But I have that old "too good to be true"-feeling, so I'll hold my celebrations.

Got a really weird phonecall today, more on that maybe later this week.

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jaran sa...

Oh, they are still there! Check out place number 9 on VG-lista, and I don't think it's more than a few weeks ago I heard Backstreet Boys "with the same crap you have heard over...and over... AND OVER again!" (thanks Pablo)

Anyways, I am not crying because every second song on the radio is not Backstreet Boys anymore.

And I hope that "Got a really weird phonecall today" won't just disappear into the ether like "..but first I've got some unfinished business" did.... ;) Got some loose threads you need to tie up in your blog here ;)

Qpeg sa...

Wow, who would imagine Westlife would still be around.. But that's not bad though, just one boyband on the list! Found Erik Bye on Top 40 so I choose to let those two cancel eachother out ;-)

MG5: too bad, mate! :D:D:D

The phonecall will definetly not go away, tomorrow will be a big day, and I might get to share it on saturday or next weekend...

Nuggets sa...

If you like manufactured music, and you have no taste and have suffered a stroke in the past years and are rampantly homosexual, then i suppose you will just love those boyzzz.

Sorry but boybans = shit.