onsdag, september 28, 2005

Office pranks: Birthday

My dear project manager Rasmus had his 35th birthday yesterday and of course we had to do something to mess with his head!

Tone and I decided to enter an advert (picture on its way) in the local paper. It read something like this: "20 'units' of firewood and 15 (some kind of) birds for free if you pick it up yourself. Call ... any time of day." I have to add that firewood is a pretty popular commodity here in Norway as winter is closing in.

He was reluctant in admitting that he had got any calls, but by lunch it turned out:
  • He had got a 3-digit number of calls and messages.
  • Some of the messages left no doubt that the interest was pretty high!
  • The first batch of calls startet at 6AM!
  • Rasmus had been at work till 12PM the night before.
  • He switched his cellphone off and, of course, overslept because he uses it as an alarmclock.
  • By the end of the day the phone was pretty much out of power eventhough he stopped answering it..

He did get his revenge though; he told us that he had instructed a bunch of the callers to show up at my place and at Tones place after work! He managed to convince me to drive with him to my place after work "to observe at a distance". At this time my greatest concern was my neighbours firewood supply at the other end of the house :-O. As we got closer he did not stop, but drove straight by a car parked outside my house (that I have never seen there before) and as he stoped and started rolling down his window he told me it was all a joke! :-D

He got me good, I must admit, but that didn't stop us from keeping up the joke with Tone who was in Trondheim at the time :-) It turned out she had called home to warn her husband and the people that rents a flat under their house (who had just bought a load of firewood!).

All-in-all a pretty good prank, and today people have continued calling for the firewood...

iTunes Agent

iTunes Agent is up! This is Jarans new project as he describes it:

iTunes Agent enables many non-iPod MP3 players to be used with iTunes. The project enables you to synchronize your MP3 player with an iTunes playlist automatically, or with two small mouse-clicks.

Looks cool, and I can't begin to describe how jealous I am of him having time to work on side-projects - it's been too long :-(

tirsdag, september 27, 2005


I finally got around to making my own blog ... and now that I am here I can't think of a thing to write!
Anywho, I haven't decided yet if this will be a strict professional blog or a personal one - probably something in-between.

As for audience, this is mostly a relief for countless scriblings on napkins, tv-guides, my coffee table, but maybe you'll find something funny here or even something usefull about programming etc.

Welcome, and please wipe your shoes!