lørdag, desember 31, 2005


THIS JUST IN: http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=111996 Norwegian article, basically it describes how the sale of champagne has "shoot thru the roof" particulary in december.

Well, duuuuh! Good work, VG!

fredag, desember 30, 2005

Be prepared!

I don't know if I am cursed with experiencing weird stuff, or if it is just that I have a tendency to notice these things.

Anywho... I was waiting at the airport the other day and in front of me there was this weird character: he looked like he might be in his 60's, scrubby-looking fellow with crisp grey pretty long hair with curls (imagine a evil scientist from a Disney flick). Now, the thing that caught my attention was that he was wearing short marineblue wellingtons (rain-boots). This was in the middle of winter, it had not rained for a long time because of the temperature and all. What was he thinking that morning as he had finished his coffee, was getting ready to leave for the airport? "Hmmm, looks like it might rain, better be prepared!". There was absolutely no indication that there might be rain that day, or any day before spring at all!

And here is the other thing that really got me wondering: he had no luggage - except from a white plastic bag (which I later realized contained two candybars and two diet-cokes) and, now get this, TWO IDENTICAL UMBRELLAS!!

So he had wellingtons and two identical umbrellas, but he was wearing a 80's "bubble-jacket" that can't possibly resist any water.

Violent Femmes

This just cracked me up; http://www.violentfemmes.net/sounds.htm Got by VF by Richard Cheese (more on him later) but try to get a hold on his latest album Aperitif for Destruction if you can!

Add it up

I have at least two nice bright shirts that have been ruined by stains of red wine. At the same time it is not crazy to estimate there has been spilled red wine in my apartement at least as many times. Those times I have resolved the problem by cleaning up the mess with a cloth. Here is the point: I have no cloths that are stained by red wine! What is going on? I am this close to querying Myth Busters to see if a shirt made up of cloth-material will actually sustain and fully recover from a spill of the dark, liquidized grape!

After running the story by a few friends, a co-worker and S's sister both claimed drenching a unfortunate shirt in white wine would be the solution. I love this kind of cartoon-logic! Nothing has made me laugh more than this in a long time - this is Karl Pilkington-material! It's like "what's the opposite of red wine .. white wine!". So what would rosé wine do - only partially clean it? This is a theory you would find scribbled in a diary of a madman, next to drawings of women with knives in their faces, found on the corpse after he commited suicide trying to hold up a stamp-collectors shop just after it changed ownership with a travel agency!


I noticed I have not yet mentioned this, but I am a really big fan of Blondie. I am not quite shure how I started listening to them, my first memory is that I was home from college one summer, laying on the porch listening to a compilation of "the best of Blondie" on my MP3-player, half dozing off when I heared Rapture! From that day on I tried to get my dirty hands on any thing related to Blondie and I am still doing so. With my history of jazz and all it was a really surprising turn to make, but the discovery of Jazz Passengers with Deborah Harry rested me assured that I had not completely left my roots ;-) Chris Stein's blog is a pretty good read if you are not faint hearted and that. More on Chris, TV-Party (can anyone help me get hold of the dvd - I am having problems getting it shipped outside US/Canada), Blondie and related topics to follow...

Game quiz!

Enno over at Funcom posted a few really enjoyable quiz' of ancient gaming-history. He posted a link to this one, and made this and this. I found the first quiz and the 3rd the most enjoyable and they awoke a lot of nostalgic memories. I can't believe Dune was that crappy i graphics! The first quiz was pretty easy, so was the last linked, the first Enno-quiz was really tough! With the help from J we got about 18 correct answers, I know I have played or seen a good handfull of the others, but the rest baffled me :-D

Me and J actually did our bachelors degree assignment with Funcom doing some research on speech-recognition for use in narration in computer games. As I have a special interest in computer games and graphics programming it was a really good experience. I would absolutely want to look into that line of work later in my career, but what I gathered was that 1)the technology is way too old for my liking (I am not holding my breath to see a AAA-title in .Net!), 2) it is not all fun and games, it is business like everything else 3) the pay suXXX0rz at entry-level.

Man overboard

I have a list of 3 things I would want to experience in my life, and here it is:

1. Find an actual authentic treasure. We are talking gold, diamonds, scepters and the whole shabang! Some myrra (or whatever it is called in english, you know, like the 3 wise men supposedly brought for the baby-shower) would be cool, just to be able to say I have some of it laying around.

2. Get advice from a dying man.

3. Either a) get a pet monkey that could do various mundane tasks for me or b) get a coat that has a prop-parakeet on the right-hand shoulder so I look like a pirate.

Do you have a list?

torsdag, desember 29, 2005

The roof is on fire..

Was preparing a meal when I noticed a scent of burned plastic - smoke was pooring out of the socket of the stove! I managed to switch it off before I yanked the wire out of the socket, it was burned and melted :-O I am just glad I noticed it before something really bad happened! I got money for a new oven for xmas so I guess I should get my lazy ass out to buy a new one soon.

Pizza is on it's way from Dolly's as we speak :D

onsdag, desember 28, 2005

Man on Fire

Just finished watching Man on Fire, the ending was so sad I don't quite know what to do.. "Gripping" is probably a better description.. anywho, I'll recomend it to anyone.

fredag, desember 23, 2005

Going home for christmas!

Leaving for the south to spend the christmas with my family. Gotta get up at 5:30 to catch the plane, that is in 4 hours, and I am finding it hard to switch off 24... Merry christmas!

søndag, desember 18, 2005

Friday I'm in love...

Ok, so I realize it's not friday, but I'm still in love.. I haven't had that old feeling in a loooong, long time, the old realist I am. I have had the rational, thought-through, single-kinda groove going on for a while now, but I fear it might have got a crack this weekend. We'll see... On an other note, please check out Ricky Gervais' outter most madness on his podcast. Especially if you like Douglas Adams you will be laughing to tears like me.. give me a note.

søndag, desember 11, 2005

I'm not drinking any !"#¤%& merlot

Vår Gud han er så fast en borg,han er vårt skjold og verge, Hei-faderi-og-faderullandei.Han frir oss ut av nød og sorg og vet oss vel å berge, Hei-faderi-og-faderullandei. Vår gamle fiende hård til strid imot oss står.Stor makt og arge listhan bruker mot oss visst.På jord er ei hans like.
Vår egen makt er intet verd, snart fikk vi banesåret. Men én går frem i denne ferd, som Herren selv har kåret. Vil du hans navn få visst?Han heter Jesus, Krist-faderi-og-faderullandei!,den høvding for Guds hær,i ham kun frelse er.Han marken skal beholde!
Om verden full av djevler varsom ville oss oppsluke,vi frykter ei, vi med oss harden som Guds sverd kan bruke, bruke-faderi-og-faderullandei, bruke-faderi-og-faderullandei!