fredag, desember 30, 2005

Game quiz!

Enno over at Funcom posted a few really enjoyable quiz' of ancient gaming-history. He posted a link to this one, and made this and this. I found the first quiz and the 3rd the most enjoyable and they awoke a lot of nostalgic memories. I can't believe Dune was that crappy i graphics! The first quiz was pretty easy, so was the last linked, the first Enno-quiz was really tough! With the help from J we got about 18 correct answers, I know I have played or seen a good handfull of the others, but the rest baffled me :-D

Me and J actually did our bachelors degree assignment with Funcom doing some research on speech-recognition for use in narration in computer games. As I have a special interest in computer games and graphics programming it was a really good experience. I would absolutely want to look into that line of work later in my career, but what I gathered was that 1)the technology is way too old for my liking (I am not holding my breath to see a AAA-title in .Net!), 2) it is not all fun and games, it is business like everything else 3) the pay suXXX0rz at entry-level.

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