søndag, desember 18, 2005

Friday I'm in love...

Ok, so I realize it's not friday, but I'm still in love.. I haven't had that old feeling in a loooong, long time, the old realist I am. I have had the rational, thought-through, single-kinda groove going on for a while now, but I fear it might have got a crack this weekend. We'll see... On an other note, please check out Ricky Gervais' outter most madness on his podcast. Especially if you like Douglas Adams you will be laughing to tears like me.. give me a note.

2 kommentarer:

jaran sa...

Oooooooooo, Eivind has found himself a reindeer, far far up in the mountain? ;) Bringing the wifey home for Christmas?

You must be happy since you're blogging about it at 4am :)

And I can second on that Ricky Gervais recommendation. It's hilarious!

Qpeg sa...

The cutest reindeer in town :) Good party last night tho, so I am ready to travel home next weekend!