fredag, desember 30, 2005

Be prepared!

I don't know if I am cursed with experiencing weird stuff, or if it is just that I have a tendency to notice these things.

Anywho... I was waiting at the airport the other day and in front of me there was this weird character: he looked like he might be in his 60's, scrubby-looking fellow with crisp grey pretty long hair with curls (imagine a evil scientist from a Disney flick). Now, the thing that caught my attention was that he was wearing short marineblue wellingtons (rain-boots). This was in the middle of winter, it had not rained for a long time because of the temperature and all. What was he thinking that morning as he had finished his coffee, was getting ready to leave for the airport? "Hmmm, looks like it might rain, better be prepared!". There was absolutely no indication that there might be rain that day, or any day before spring at all!

And here is the other thing that really got me wondering: he had no luggage - except from a white plastic bag (which I later realized contained two candybars and two diet-cokes) and, now get this, TWO IDENTICAL UMBRELLAS!!

So he had wellingtons and two identical umbrellas, but he was wearing a 80's "bubble-jacket" that can't possibly resist any water.

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