fredag, desember 30, 2005


I noticed I have not yet mentioned this, but I am a really big fan of Blondie. I am not quite shure how I started listening to them, my first memory is that I was home from college one summer, laying on the porch listening to a compilation of "the best of Blondie" on my MP3-player, half dozing off when I heared Rapture! From that day on I tried to get my dirty hands on any thing related to Blondie and I am still doing so. With my history of jazz and all it was a really surprising turn to make, but the discovery of Jazz Passengers with Deborah Harry rested me assured that I had not completely left my roots ;-) Chris Stein's blog is a pretty good read if you are not faint hearted and that. More on Chris, TV-Party (can anyone help me get hold of the dvd - I am having problems getting it shipped outside US/Canada), Blondie and related topics to follow...

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