tirsdag, januar 31, 2006

Early morning

Was up pretty early this morning, too tired to make any fuzz so I just had a quick shower and got out. A few meters down the street I started feeling a bit cold and "loose" downstairs - I had forgot to put my underpants on!

lørdag, januar 28, 2006

Birthday Party

I'm having my birthday party tonight and among the different preperations I have to do is to let my neighbor know. The last couple of parties I'we had have kinda gotten a bit out of hand, there is a general rule of no loud music after 23-00 at night, so screaming out your lungs with Singstar on really loud at 02:00 is not that popular. I was going to the shop and met my neightbor (they had just come home) and told her about the party tonight, she was really sweet about it and I said she could call me if it went on too long (she has my number from last party she had to call...). We'll, back from the shop 15 min later, they were gone! Lights out and everything.

I just imagine her just after I left going "Ok son, pack your bags, we're out of here!!" ;-)
Landlord is on vacation, so if she does not come back tonight that's pretty good!

torsdag, januar 26, 2006

Bananas on the ice rink


This has got to be the cutest pair of monkeys in a long while :D
Reminds me of Karl Pilkingtons story about the monkey who joined the bobsledge team in a winter olympics..

onsdag, januar 25, 2006

Siri's Adventures

Siri is going to study in South-Africa for a semester, she put up a blog here. Good luck and keep us updated!

Birthday madness!

I was met in the elevator of the building where my company is by a poster of me saying "25 years!" and "Come on, congratulate me!". Found more of those as I got to the office. Well, I found my desk completely covered in all sorts of (childs)birthday effects - there was a tablecloth with pirates, party hats, homemade birthday crown with pictures and sparkling stuff, balloons, candy all over the desk, flags, cocktail-umbrellas and everything! And a pineapple.

Before lunch I was surprised in a conference room by people from the office singing the birthday song - accompanied on conference phone by Mom!

At lunch they had made a beautiful cake in the shape of Tweety - it was really good! Also there was the candle that played the birthday song that would not stop - even when we put it in a glass of water :-) I got a present from Tone, Stine and Annette with refill for the badge-machine I got for christmas, we had used up all that was left at the party on Saturday so that was brilliant! It came with a sweet card in the form of Mr. Gisse :-D

When I came back from lunch I found a gift from Trygve on my desk; a pair of passifiers (it's an inside-joke, can't really explain)!

Best birthday-surprise so far!
(images following:)

tirsdag, januar 24, 2006


Turning 25 in a few hours! Never really thought it would get this far, so I don't really have any strategy planned out for the next 25 ;-) Anywho.. I am a bit worried if I will get a revenge from the last birthday surprise :-O

lørdag, januar 21, 2006

Shake It Some More

Been working a bit of overtime this weekend to try to reach a deadline, I stumbled across Tony Sheridan's album "The Beatles with Tony Sheridan", which feature songs Tony played with members of the, the to come, The Beatles as a backing band. Really old school rock&roll, fun to listen to! Ruby Baby, Sweet Georgia Brown (you know, the old jazz tune used for the Harlem Globetrotters theme), Ya Ya are just a few of the nice progressive blues/r&r tracks.

fredag, januar 20, 2006

Blue Ball Machine

Found this on Anders Norås' blog, pretty entertaining. Reminds me of the mid 90's game The Incredible Machine. This is kind of what I imagine goes on in Karl Pilkingtons head, when he recieves some piece of information, accompanied by strange music out of a eastern-european cartoon from the 60's, as he thoroughly strips it of facts.

mandag, januar 16, 2006

More Monkey News

(norwegian) http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=300596

The Daily WTF

Too lazy to actually write much, take it from Jaran.. www.TheDailyWTF.com

24 and Monkey news!

The first 2 episodes of 24 season 5 (4 hours total) were available this morning!
Episode 7 of Ricky Gervais Show is also out! I found a BT seed of all the episodes from the archives of the show over at XFM (probably something like 35 hours..) and two really long shows from BBC radio and some more stuff - have a look over at mininova.org.

Update: Just came over this: Some animations of Ricky, Stephen and Karl, pretty funny.

søndag, januar 15, 2006

lørdag, januar 14, 2006

Rambo: First Blood

They are showing Rambo: First Blood on TV tonight, I love that movie! In my opinion it is not comparable to the two other movies at all - I find this one really intriguing and I think it has a very real, deep and tragic view on what might happen to someone returning from war. I don't think it stops there, it may apply to any situation where you go from one reality to another that you can not cope with alone.

I am planning to watch The Matador sometime soon, as I gather it is based on the same concept. So is season 2 of 24 when I think of it..

Update: Just started thinking: why are the sequels called Rambo: First Blood Part II and III, and not Rambo: Second Blood and so forth..?

The Gone Jackals #2

Anders made a nice write-up of The Gone Jackals that I mentioned earlier. Who would guess they had Parkrangers in their fanbase? :-)

The stove.

Last Wednesday I finally bought myself a stove. For the passed two years I have only had a microwave and a simple make-shift plate to cook my food (for those days I actually make my own food at home). Mom and dad have been trying to convince me to get a proper one for, well, two years, and this christmas my present from them were money for this. As mentioned the plate caught fire in the christmas holiday, so after over a week of micro-food I finally got to the store to get a propper oven. I went there thinking I might get a good one for, say,4-5 000 NOK - was I wrong! A clean 7,500 later I was a proud oven-ovner :-)

Anywho, that's not why you called.. The store ppl said it would be delivered the following day, and I had to be at home from 16:00 till 19:00 as they do all their deliveries in one go. So I hurried home after work and cleared up space and waited. And waited. And waited... At 20:30 I gave up (after trying to get hold of the transport-ppl in any imaginary way) and hungry as I was made a simple micro-prepared meal. Half way through it, at 21:00, guess who showed up?! Man, I was so furrious and prepared a whole hat0r speach to give to the deliveryguys (when I told this to some friends the other day they just laughed as they imagined me giving and angry-speech..). Well, it turned out I knew one of the guys so I kinda left it at that.. ;-)

The end of the story was that it was like 22:00 when I finally had it set up and prepared, I was half-hungry and tired, so I ditched the big nice meal I had planned to prepare and made a pizza..

All in all it is really good, fast and reliable so I guess I have what I need of whiteware for now.

Do bathtubs drain counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere?

This write-up blew my mind, I now have the feeling I have to fundamentally go back and re-think every single truth I have accumulated over my (soon) 25 year life. Will have a go at my sink tonight. Give it a read, more from Cecil to come.

torsdag, januar 12, 2006

Cameleon on a mirror

If you put a cameleon on a mirror, what color would it become?

søndag, januar 08, 2006

Brothers in arms

Just saw Lord of War. I always thought Nicholas Cage's best performance was in Leaving Las Vegas, and I still do, but this was really good!

fredag, januar 06, 2006


I was delighted to see the first new seasons of TV-shows starting this week. On a regular basis I download:

  • Prison Break
  • The Office US
  • Top Gear
  • Fifth Gear
  • The Daily Show
  • The Colbert Report
  • Whose Line is it Anyway
  • The Green Screen Show
  • Joey
  • My Name is Earl
On norwegian TV I also watch:

  • Late Night with David Letterman
  • Myth Busters
  • Walkabout
  • Beat for Beat (The Lyrics Board)
  • (can't remember any more..)

Update: Oh man, a mate reminded me I totally forgot 24! 24 is the best TV-series I have ever seen! I ordered season 1, 2 and 3 a while back but unfortunately I just recieved season 2 this christmas. I saw throught it (it's the one with the A-Bomb, and the war on the middle-East) and I think it's absolutely one of the best 24-seasons as of yet.

8 days and season 5 starts - can't wait!! The 15th they will air a 2 hour episode, followed by another 2 hour episode the following day, then it will return to the usual 1-hour a week scheme.

Update 2: 24 starts January 15th, not 16th.

onsdag, januar 04, 2006


I wonder how early man realized that physical training really worked. This caveman was out running for an hour and got really sweatty, tired and exhausted. One day later all his muscles were hurting like hell since it was the first time - remember; running and working out was not yet invented. He could not do much work all day. At what point did he put his finger in the air and go "AHA! This is making me stronger!"?

If you like me don't like working out, doing one first intensive workout, getting over the pain the next day or two does NOT make you feel great! That is bullshit, and just in your head! After a week or two maybe, but not the first time.

After eventually discovering this, did our caveman keep putting his finger in the fire thinking "just one more week and it'll start getting better!"?

Incidently I thought about this while doing my first jogging/workout last night. Just to get some more energy in the cold, dark winter. Hopefully in two weeks it will pay off ;-)


Idag feirer Google bursdagen til Louis Braille, mannen som oppfant blindeskriften. Jeg har alltid funnet det ironisk at skrift for blinde folk heter Braille-skrift (uttales "brille"...) ;-)

mandag, januar 02, 2006

Jim'll Fix It

Remember this guy? I guess not if you didn't grow up in England (I lived there for two years way back). I must say I really enjoyed the show, and I still remember the theme song "Jim'll fix it for you, you, you, yoooooou!" :-D Actually his name is Sir(!) Jimmy Saville and he claims he has raised over £40 million for charity over the passed decades.

Now, I am trying to track down another TV-idol from the late 80's/early 90's - ha was on a TV marketing show from America, he would always wear the same ugly sweater (it reminds me of one Bill Cosby used to wear and was really the ting to use in the early 90's!) and got pretty famous for that. He was always really happy and would do crazy stuff with what he was trying to sell (like stick his hand in a blender to demonstrate it was unharmful) and my best description would be a cross between Chevy Chase and Bob Saget, wearing Bill Cosby's sweater.


A while back I remember listening to the news where they were saying that the government or whatever wanted to reduce the amount of sickleave. They quoted someone saying that there was a big problem with ppl taking 3 days off after partying in the weekend. WHERE IS THIS PARTY!? WHAT AM I MISSING OUT ON!!?