mandag, januar 02, 2006

Jim'll Fix It

Remember this guy? I guess not if you didn't grow up in England (I lived there for two years way back). I must say I really enjoyed the show, and I still remember the theme song "Jim'll fix it for you, you, you, yoooooou!" :-D Actually his name is Sir(!) Jimmy Saville and he claims he has raised over £40 million for charity over the passed decades.

Now, I am trying to track down another TV-idol from the late 80's/early 90's - ha was on a TV marketing show from America, he would always wear the same ugly sweater (it reminds me of one Bill Cosby used to wear and was really the ting to use in the early 90's!) and got pretty famous for that. He was always really happy and would do crazy stuff with what he was trying to sell (like stick his hand in a blender to demonstrate it was unharmful) and my best description would be a cross between Chevy Chase and Bob Saget, wearing Bill Cosby's sweater.

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