onsdag, januar 25, 2006

Birthday madness!

I was met in the elevator of the building where my company is by a poster of me saying "25 years!" and "Come on, congratulate me!". Found more of those as I got to the office. Well, I found my desk completely covered in all sorts of (childs)birthday effects - there was a tablecloth with pirates, party hats, homemade birthday crown with pictures and sparkling stuff, balloons, candy all over the desk, flags, cocktail-umbrellas and everything! And a pineapple.

Before lunch I was surprised in a conference room by people from the office singing the birthday song - accompanied on conference phone by Mom!

At lunch they had made a beautiful cake in the shape of Tweety - it was really good! Also there was the candle that played the birthday song that would not stop - even when we put it in a glass of water :-) I got a present from Tone, Stine and Annette with refill for the badge-machine I got for christmas, we had used up all that was left at the party on Saturday so that was brilliant! It came with a sweet card in the form of Mr. Gisse :-D

When I came back from lunch I found a gift from Trygve on my desk; a pair of passifiers (it's an inside-joke, can't really explain)!

Best birthday-surprise so far!
(images following:)

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jaran sa...

Happy birthday! I love the "gisse"-card:D