lørdag, januar 14, 2006

The stove.

Last Wednesday I finally bought myself a stove. For the passed two years I have only had a microwave and a simple make-shift plate to cook my food (for those days I actually make my own food at home). Mom and dad have been trying to convince me to get a proper one for, well, two years, and this christmas my present from them were money for this. As mentioned the plate caught fire in the christmas holiday, so after over a week of micro-food I finally got to the store to get a propper oven. I went there thinking I might get a good one for, say,4-5 000 NOK - was I wrong! A clean 7,500 later I was a proud oven-ovner :-)

Anywho, that's not why you called.. The store ppl said it would be delivered the following day, and I had to be at home from 16:00 till 19:00 as they do all their deliveries in one go. So I hurried home after work and cleared up space and waited. And waited. And waited... At 20:30 I gave up (after trying to get hold of the transport-ppl in any imaginary way) and hungry as I was made a simple micro-prepared meal. Half way through it, at 21:00, guess who showed up?! Man, I was so furrious and prepared a whole hat0r speach to give to the deliveryguys (when I told this to some friends the other day they just laughed as they imagined me giving and angry-speech..). Well, it turned out I knew one of the guys so I kinda left it at that.. ;-)

The end of the story was that it was like 22:00 when I finally had it set up and prepared, I was half-hungry and tired, so I ditched the big nice meal I had planned to prepare and made a pizza..

All in all it is really good, fast and reliable so I guess I have what I need of whiteware for now.

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