onsdag, januar 04, 2006


I wonder how early man realized that physical training really worked. This caveman was out running for an hour and got really sweatty, tired and exhausted. One day later all his muscles were hurting like hell since it was the first time - remember; running and working out was not yet invented. He could not do much work all day. At what point did he put his finger in the air and go "AHA! This is making me stronger!"?

If you like me don't like working out, doing one first intensive workout, getting over the pain the next day or two does NOT make you feel great! That is bullshit, and just in your head! After a week or two maybe, but not the first time.

After eventually discovering this, did our caveman keep putting his finger in the fire thinking "just one more week and it'll start getting better!"?

Incidently I thought about this while doing my first jogging/workout last night. Just to get some more energy in the cold, dark winter. Hopefully in two weeks it will pay off ;-)

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