lørdag, januar 28, 2006

Birthday Party

I'm having my birthday party tonight and among the different preperations I have to do is to let my neighbor know. The last couple of parties I'we had have kinda gotten a bit out of hand, there is a general rule of no loud music after 23-00 at night, so screaming out your lungs with Singstar on really loud at 02:00 is not that popular. I was going to the shop and met my neightbor (they had just come home) and told her about the party tonight, she was really sweet about it and I said she could call me if it went on too long (she has my number from last party she had to call...). We'll, back from the shop 15 min later, they were gone! Lights out and everything.

I just imagine her just after I left going "Ok son, pack your bags, we're out of here!!" ;-)
Landlord is on vacation, so if she does not come back tonight that's pretty good!

3 kommentarer:

jaran sa...

So.... where are the pictures?

Erik SS sa...

There are pictures? Crap!

Just kidding! Nice party, by the way!

Qpeg sa...

Haven't got the pictures yet, maybe that's for the better..? Actually I spoke with my neightbor the other day, she came by and said that she didn't hear a thing, that se allmost forgot there we were there at all.. I don't know what to make of this, is she being overly kind, or should I feel disapointed? How she could possibly have missed Abba sing-along at 3-4 am is a mystory..