søndag, januar 15, 2006

Better living thru chemistry..#01

Here is a small list of ppl I would want as friends:
  1. Karl Pilkington
  2. Amy Sedaris
  3. Kiefer Southerland

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jaran sa...

If you want Kiefer as a friend I would make sure to spell his name correcly, or I am quite sure he would give you "I-want-to-kill-you-Nina"-look and that would not be a happy beginning of your relationship ;)

I've been watching him as Jack in season 1 and 2 of 24 over the last two weeks and as his website says; Kiefer rocks! :)

Now I don't know about that lady; I saw her on Letterman and to me she just seemed like a crazy, annoying, i-can't-shut-my-mouth-at-any-time kind of person which I would definitively regret having a friend... ;)

And Karl... He's a guaranteed winner :)