torsdag, februar 16, 2006


My good friend Sveinar, known to dig up the weirdest bits of music and other oddities, showed me a fun site. BellyBongo is aparently a swede who has been collecting weird pieces of music for many years, and he has an archive where you can see and listen to a great deal of it. I honestly don't know what to say, if you like this kind of stuff you are in for a treat! I haven't gotten over it all yet, but I recomend DEB HYER - ONE MAN BAND, TINO CONTRERAS Y SU GRUPO - JAZZ TROPICAL, THE BILL BEAU TRIO - LIVE AT THE BLUE PORT LOUNGE, GARY SCHNEIDER - JUST FOR FUN JUST FOR FRIENDS... Party at his place tomorrow, always a blast!

Another cool spot is the blog PCL Linkdump.

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