fredag, oktober 14, 2005

Post-it tatoo

One of the reasons I started writing on this blog was that I have a tendency to write down scribblings on anything and anywhere I happen to find suitable. That includes my body.

One thing that I don't to, however, is get tatoos - no particular reason, I just don't.

If I ever would have a tatoo, it would be an empty post-it note so that I would know what place of my body I wrote my last "remember" note!

On this issue, check out:

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jaran sa...

Haha! Post-it decoration pranks are great:)

On the tatoo issue; I don't have any tatoos neither, and I seriously doubt I will ever get any. I do not think that anything I put on my body now, which stays permanently (unless of course I get one of these "tatoos" which wash off after three weeks), that I would think was a good idea and suits me well for the rest of my life... I see those people being in their 20's tatooing a lot of their body and I wonder; when they are 40 or 50, will they look at the tatoos and think "awesome idea, I'm the greatest!"... People are different, but I kind of doubt they would be that enthusiastic.