lørdag, oktober 01, 2005

Slow day..

This has to be the first Saturday night in ages I am not out, except from the weekends I have been working.. I have spent the day preparing a consert for tomorrow, tidying up the apartement, downloading some tv-shows and such.

I also bought a new wireless PCI-card for my "main computer". I have used a 3Com wireless USB adapter (hey, doesn't that sound cool: "wireless USB"..) that is utterly complete crap! I have to believe there is a production error on it, or else my repect for 3Com will plumit!
The new card is, as mentioned, a PCI-card made by Linksys. I didn't realize they were a sub-division of Cisco untill today. Well, it rocks and after some minor trouble it seems to be stable with powerfull signal. Me like!

Overall I have been a big 3Com fan, but I have had so much trouble with their OfficeConnect products I don't know what to think.. Actually I just discovered an old MSPaint.Net drawing I did a while back, so you can imagine I have had 3Com-trouble for a while now..

Next project is de-wireing the xbox, and possibly the ps2.

One step closer..

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jaran sa...

I bought a DLink wireless router this summer to use in my apartment, just had to go replace that one. It's the most unstable piece of crap-hardware I have ever seen. I eventually connected my desktop computer with a cable, but if I connected a wireless device the router would last 10 minutes before breaking down... We had the same problem in the office.

So I replaced it with a 3com Office Connect and that one has been working ok so far. I have not put the wireless card back in my desktop computer but I may try that soon. It's a DLink card though, so I am afraid I will have to replace that one with something better too...