fredag, oktober 28, 2005

Weekend: Kaizers and more..

Looks like a good weekend is coming up; I'll start the evening with at company sponsored dinner for the project I'm working at a local sushi-restaurant. Its a pretty good bunch, so it'll be a nice way to recouperate after a pretty intense couple of months.

Later tonight I'll pop by an event for the members in the local jazz club I am on the board of. We'll play some old records, chat, eat and drink.

Then later there is a jazz concert which I don't know too much of, but I bet it'll be good!

Tomorrom is the big day: I got massive response when I asked if anyone wanted to join me and some friends on a Kaizers Orchestra concert Saturday - so we are like 12-13 ppl just from work and many more ppl either of my friends or some of the others. We'll do a quick vorspiel at Rasmus' place to get in the mood and then venture out at about 23:00.

Looking forward to it! (Guess I'll have to record Beat for Beat/Lyrics board

Kaizers lyrics.

Some pics for last time I saw Kaizers at a MSDN Live kickoff:
(will fix this later on)

Update1: Leaving in 10 minutes, here is the last setlists:
This is gonna rock!

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