fredag, mars 10, 2006

Blast from the past, Scientology, cones and more..

What I like about the internet is all the weird stuff that’s out there and all the crazy people who can ramble on uncensured. You just have to dig a bit. Or just stay here. I remember reading about a crazy maths professor, Alexander Abian, many years ago who, among other things, claimed all bad things on this planet were caused by the moon and that if we could just blow it up everything would be nice and dandy.

Fun on Oprahs couchThis got picked up by Kibo (James Parry) who besides writing loads of nonsense formed his own religion, as I remember it, as a parody on the Church of Scientology (you know, the thing with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and John Travolta where they brainwash you and steal all your money and other nice things). Kibo eats Chuck Norris facts for breakfast. He sparked my facination for cones, and can be blamed for why I keep stealing cones when I’m drunk.

Both Kibo and Scientology are days worth of entertaining reading if you have a taste for the weird. Also the Rotten Library is good reading, for instance the “origin” of many of Karl’s stories about intelligent monkeys. I wouldn’t step out of the library tho.. See how similar Karl’s head is to this supposed picture of Ollie?!

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