torsdag, mars 30, 2006

The human ball

Was working overtime late at night on tuesday and needed some food, so I went to the nearest gasstation to get a burger. Went to the teller, looked to my left and saw an old cupple. They both looked 75-ish, the lady had a nice little head, normal body, evenly porpotioned legs and all. The guy though; he was pretty small most all over, you know, like old people that have shrunk a bit, although his jacket was huge! Not only was it huge, it looked really round in every direction. It was such that he could shoplift one of those big plastic balls you can jump around on, and noone would notice! What made me look twice was his head - it was just unbelievely small! And because his jacket was so big his neck was just an inch too small for his head to stick out of it! He loocked like one of the characters from "Kalle Klovn", the deliveryguy if I remember correctly, just with no neck.

I had to wait with my order because I was on the werge of bursting - afterwards I damned myself for being too polite to take a picture of them for your viewing pleasure.. Gonna stick around there to see if he shows up again!

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