fredag, mars 03, 2006

Guinness World Records

When I was younger the cooles think I knew was the Guinness World Book of Records, there was so many facinating facts and pictures there. Now, 10 - 15 years later I suddenly remembered it and got it ordered a few weeks ago. Oh man, I read in it almost every day, I go through all the weird and unprobable facts and not the least I tell everybody I meet about it!

I think what I like best about it now is not the actual numbers and records, it's more the people behind, their lives, their sacrifices and their motivations. A few examples:

I think my favorite is the guy who eats metal. He has eaten 15 shopping carts, 18 bikes (like 10 would'nt be impressive enought). 7 TV's, 2 beds, a computer and a Cessna small aeroplane. The first thought that struck me was that I would never invite him home! Just imagine coming back to the livingroom with coffee: "Heeeeey, where is the sofa!?" *burp*.

One of my newest facts is the guy who was been struck by lightning 7 times! The best thing is that they say he died in 1994 by a broken heart.. Sounds really romantic and all, but think; who would date a guy who keeps getting struck my lightning!? You should never go on pickninc with him by a tree on a large plain field, the only safe date would be on a drive-in cinema, or maybe on a tandem bike.

I kinda also bought the book to see what the old classics where up to; the tallest lady, the two fat twins who rode really small motorcycles and of course the guy with the longest fingernails. He must have really dedicated his life to this, spending so many years of his life just to have the longest fingernails in the world. And I can understand why someone would dedicate their selves to be the fastest swimmer, the one to collect the most buttons etc, but this guy didn't really do anything, he is in the book because he didn't bother to cut his fingernails for a while! As Stephen points out, why sacrifice so much? Imagine his mates calling him up: "Wanna go bowling, Jeff?" "No, I can't.. I have this thing going on..". Is he married? What kind of intimate life can he have, for god's sake, can he even go to the toilet unassisted?

All for now, there is so much cool stuff in this book, I'll be shure to keep posting when I find more!

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