fredag, mars 10, 2006

Bread crumbs

In my kitchen I have like a closet/shelve where I keep my bread. I can not remember the last time I ate a whole bread, usually more than half og it goes to waste (I don’t eat breakfast). So when it gets hard or even when it sometimes grows molds I throw it out. The other day as I was cleaning I noticed that a lot of bread crumbs (damn you english seperation of words!) had gathered in the closet – I can’t have cleaned it out more than a handfull of times ever. It got me thinking, if a big piece of bread can grow mold, and crumbs aparently not, what’s the minimum size it can be and still get moldy – or to put it the other way; can you make really small bread that is mold-resistant? Just buy a bunch of them and never worry?

2 kommentarer:

jaran sa...

Haha, you are really turning into a Pilkington!

Qpeg sa...

Thank god "Pilkie02" is free.. No, but seriously, why don't the small crumbs get mold? My first theory was that they have so much surface area that they dry out so fast and mold somehow can't grow, but a whole piece of bread get's pretty dry too..?