torsdag, mars 09, 2006


Went to the doctors today before lunch. I had just changed doctor so I didn’t know who I was visiting except for a name. Found the name on a map downstairs at the clinic and went to the 4th floor and had a seat. I all seemed strange, there were patients coming in and out, but there were no doctors running around and there was nobody at the reception and in one end of the hall I could see lots of weights and exercise bikes. 20 minutes after my appointment should have started I finally asked an old man sitting beside me what was going on. It turned out this floor was for physical training and such, I guess people recovering from car crashes and that and I was in the wrong floor. When I got to the right floor I was too late to have my appointment and there would be no openings untill next friday. I asked about the sign downstairs and they said they hadn’t got around to update it. What’s the point in having signs and maps if they are out of date?

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