onsdag, mars 01, 2006

Dub Side of the Moon

Sveinar mentioned a raggae/dub cover of Pink Floyds classic Dark Side of the Moon, and the other day I got hold of it. I love DSotM, I love raggae and I love good covers, what more could I ask for!?

So fire up your pipe, check out Dub Side of the Moon for some samples and maybe you can find the album in a specialist music store, order it online or have a look at a BitTorrent-site. The

Great Gig in the Sky is my favorite from the original album and there is no difference here. Their next project is said to be a cover of OK Computer - hey, wait a sec, isn't that the name of my other blog? :D

Update: found some live stuff here.

Ya, man! Peace and love.

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Jørgen sa...

Jeg derimot ser meget så mye frem til Roger Waters sin versjon.