lørdag, mars 04, 2006

The Mortality Sequence

Albeight my short 25-or-so-years of age, I have smelled the inevitable stench of death a few times, none of them as comical and possibly less serious as about half a year ago; I was at the office, my coffee was running empty and cold, so I thought I'd go and have a refill. On my way I passed the toilets and thought I might do the old two-in-one. So I drank the last of the coffee and went into the closest stalls - what met me was just the worst toilet-hell o' stench you can imagine, so I instinctively closed my nose that was my only source of oxygene, as my mouth was full of half-warm office-grade coffee.. As reason had left and instinct had kicked in my mind could not decide which was worse - take in stinking ass-air through my nose, having to smell it; or smallow the worst thinkable collection of coffee before getting the life-precious O? I woke up at the floor of the toilet floor with a bump in my head.

The title is a reference to Pink Floyd, an early instrumental version of Great Gig in the Sky.

2 kommentarer:

erik sa...

Du må lære deg å resonnere raskere! :-)

Qpeg sa...

Som Karl skulle sagt: "You live, and you learn..".