fredag, mars 03, 2006

Stavanger for Africa

I love music DVD's and in my collection I think my overall favorite has to be Live Aid from 1985, just for the sheer volume of great musical history. There is so much great stuff there: Queen and Freddie Mercury's unparalleled performance, later attempted copied by Robbie Williams in 2005's Live 8; of course "Do they know it's christmas" and "We are the world"; Duran Duran who choose to play none of their best tunes; Madonna; Sting; Dire Straits; Nik Kershaw I could go on and on..

Now, there is a real gem for our Norwegian listeners hidden there if you have the patience to look - on CD 4, Extras there is a track called "Overseas Contributors" that contains various parallel conserts from all over the world, Western-Germany, Russia and so on. It is all in one track, so you can't skip, but if you keep going for a while you hit something that I like to call "Stavanger for Africa". It's just beautiful! Filmed in Stavanger, with lots of local B-lists. Per-Inge Torkelsen does a hilarious apperance with his big old glasses, Mia Gundersen is there (I always thought she looked like the female version of the sidekick from Airwolf Ernest Borgnine), and many others. Just the thought of Stavanger really pulling toghether to save Africa makes the hairs in my neck stand..

Why this piece of Norwegian musical goodness has been forgotten is beyond me!

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